Online Course: Relationship Overview

An online mini course for teachers

In the Scandinavian schools, we are very focused on building strong relationships between the teachers and the students. Research and experience show that working with the teachers social competence and relationship building improves both students’ academic learning, personal development and wellbeing.

Therefore, we have created an online course that focuses on:

  • the research behind the importance of social competence, relationship building and wellbeing
  • systematic relationship building between teacher and students
  • sharing of knowledge and collaboration between teachers

We are sure that you, as a school leader or teacher, already know a lot about this subject. However, it is our experience that even though many school leaders and teachers work with relationship building and the students’ wellbeing they do not do so systematically. 

This course will both give you knowledge about social competence and develop your own social competence further.

Learning objectives

In this course you will:

  • gain more research based knowledge about relationship building, students’ wellbeing and social competence
  • learn five definitions of relationships between teachers and students
  • form an overview over your own and your close colleagues relationships to to every student in your class
  • make a plan of action for how to work with the students who need stronger relationships

The course is divided into five steps

During the course, you can always jump back and forth between the five steps by using the buttons at the bottom of each page.

You are now ready to take the first step towards building even better relationships with your students. Press the button below and begin step number 1 where Casper Rongsted in less than one minute will introduce you to the entire course.