The World’s Best Nordic Schools?

Creating the World’s Best Nordic Schools

Finland is and has been the star of the educational world in more than two decades. However, when we look at the other Scandinavian countries, they too perform well in both academic studies such as PISA. In addition, their students’ well-being is world-class. In other words, the school systems in the Nordic countries are doing something right. Therefore, we have designed a presentation and course where we introduce the key learning points from the schools of Scandinavia. You will learn about the Nordic school tradition. Here, research-based education is built on working with both social competence and academic skills.

Above all, we present practical ways to make your school even better. In addition, we are presenting methods to work with the teachers’ and students’ social competencies and their well-being.

Learning points:

  • What are the facts about the way we work with our students and lead our schools in the Nordic countries? For instance, what can international studies and the latest educational research teach us about The Nordic Way?
  • Which key learning points can actually be transformed into your own practice at your school? In other words, how can you use Nordic Schools’ practical teaching and leadership tools to make your school even better?
  • Similarly, how can methods to work with the teachers’ and students’ social competence and well-being be translated into everyday practice in schools in other countries?

In conclusion, Nordic Schools can inspire you to work even better with the students’ well-being and the teachers’ social competence. The Nordic Way. Give us a ring, and let’s start building a relationship.

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