Online Course: Relationship Overview – Step 3

Podcast About Social Competence, Relationship Building and Wellbeing

In this third step of the online course on The Relationship Overview, you can enjoy the silky smooth voice of Casper Rongsted as he explains what social competence is all about.

He says “quotes” quite a lot which of course should have been “quotations”, but bare with him and listen to the podcast anyway. In our humble opinion it is still quite good.

You can find the sources mentioned in the podcast below. Some of them are in Danish so we suggest that you see this as an opportunity to either expand your knowledge of our language or to befriend a Dane. We highly recommend the latter. Most of us are quite friendly.

You are now ready to move on to step 4 of our online course. In this step you are going to watch a video that takes you through a step by step guide as to how you and your colleagues can make a Relationship Overview.

Sources mentioned in the podcast

  • The teacher as a leader by H. Plauborg et al. (mentioned at 00:45)
    • Danish source: Helle Plauborg, Jytte Vinther Andersen, Gitte Holten Ingerslev og Per Fibæk Laursen: Læreren som leder, p. 131, Hans Reitzels Forlag, 2010
  • “Teacher competences and student learning in preschool and school” by Sven Erik Nordenbo and his research group (mentioned at 04:08)
    • Danish source: Sven Erik Nordenbo, Michael Søgaard Larsen, Neriman Tiftikci, Rikke Eline Wendt, Susan Østergaard, Lærerkompetencer og elevers læring i førskole og skole: et systematisk review udført for Kunnskapsdepartementet, Oslo, p. 66, Dansk Clearinghouse for Uddannelsesforskning, Danmarks Pædagogiske Universitetsskole, 2008
  • Ph.D. Louise Klinge, ‘The teacher’s relational competence’ (mentioned at 05:50)
    • Danish source: Louise Klinge, Lærerens relationskompetence, p. 7-8, Københavns Universitet, 2016  
  • Daniel Goleman “Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ.”, 1995 (mentioned at 07:57)
  • Daniel Goleman, “Social Intelligence: The New Science of Social Relationships.”, 2006 (mentioned at 08:20)
  • Howard Gardner, psychologist professor at Harvard University, theory of Multiple Intelligences, 1986 (mentioned at 09:30)