Three Nordic Tools for Newly Qualified Teachers

Nordic Tools for Newly Qualified Teachers - Nordic Schools

Anxiety and fear can become the unwanted partner of the first years in the life of Newly Qualified Teachers.

Above all, we must take better care of the Newly Qualified Teachers. Therefore, we would like to guide you through key learning points from the Nordic Countries working with NQTs.

We have built a programme, where you build up the foundation of Newly Qualified Teachers and work hard to secure that they will have a long, interesting, challenging and inspiring career as teachers. When doing so, we are working with three overall competencies:

Teaching Competence

  • Above all, the NQTs ability to plan, organize and create good teaching is the foundation of a teacher’s professional work. However, there are many things to consider when doing this and we will train the NQT’s skills in doing so.
  • Classroom Management Competence is also a key to good teaching. We are leaders. However, we have never received any leadership training. Nordic Schools will provide learning points and methods to perform better as a classroom leader.

Social Competence

  • If you can build relationships to your students and rapport with your class, you have found the way to being a great teacher. For instance, you must master many specific methods to building a class community and to understanding every single student. It takes time. But it is worth the effort. Especially as a NQT. We will show you how.

In conclusion, NQTs can be helped via the three overall competencies and a close mentoring. Nordic Schools will inspire you on this work.

If you want to learn more about how you can take better care of your NQTs’, feel free to contact us.